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Each of these images are created using the results of a Google image search based on searching for a single word or phrase. Using those images as input, a statistical prediction model attempts to predict the color of each pixel. However, I have specifically chosen a statistical model whose predictive accuracy is relatively low to make the images more interesting visually. (Full details of how these are create can be found here. To view the complete collection, click here.)

What I find particularly interesting about this series, is that when you search for a word on Google image search, the results are dependent upon when you search for a word, who searches for the word, and even where the search is geographically performed. The resulting images that are then returned are a snap shot of what Google thinks that word means to you at a specific time and place ultimately making the input to these images and the final images extremely personal. I would encourage you to think about what word was used to create each image before checking the key below. Some will be obvious and others will be surprising. (I’d love to know what words you thought some of them were. Please let me know in the comments below.)

If you are interested in what word was used for each of the pieces at Art Prize, the key can be found below.

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