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I’m currently an associate professor of statistics at Loyola University of Chicago and the director of the Data Science Program.  Prior to this I did a post-doc at the University of Massachusetts after completing my Ph.D in statistics at the University of Connecticut.  I also have several years of experience in the direct marketing department of Brookstone building predictive models for catalog mailing list segmentation.

I have over a decade of experience in R programming and am well versed in a wide variety of statistical techniques including Bayesian statistics, statistical genetics, linear regression, machine learning, multivariate statistics, cluster analysis, statistical classification, survival analysis, time series analysis, missing data methods (e.g. multiple imputation, etc.), and data visualization, to name a few.

My github repository can be viewed here you can view my full CV here.


Contact Information:

Gregory J. Matthews

Twitter: @statsinthewild

Phone: 773-508-3561

Email: gjm112@gmail.com

Mail: 1032 W. Sheridan Rd.ChicagoIL 60660 

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