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Michele Bachmann: Internet search earch auto-complete terms

The tables below are for the Google and Yahoo search “Michele Bachmann “(including a space after the last name) for the various dates indicated in the table. Each column has the date of the search and the top five Google or Yahoo auto-complete terms for the search.

Michele Bachmann – Google

8-17-2011 8-22-2011 8-23-2011 8-29-2011 8-31-2011 – present
quotes quotes quotes quotes quotes
corn dog husband husband husband husband
husband bio bio bio wiki
elvis corn dog slavery slavery husband gay
bio slavery husband gay husband gay hot

Michele Bachmann – Yahoo

8-24-2011 8-29-2011 9-1-2011 9-2-2011 9-7-2011
hot hurricane hurricane new hair campaign manager
for president sarasota irene margaret thatcher hurricane irene
minnesota hot hot hot hot
bio for president for president for president for president
feet minnesota minnesota minnesota minnesota

What does all this mean?  I have no idea, but I suspect it will be difficult to win a Republican party nomination and then a general election with terms like “slavery” and “husband gay” attached to your name.

Another thought: I wonder if the political affiliations of users are constant across the three major search sites or are there a greater percentage of liberals on Bing than on Google, for instance.  Could you use auto-complete terms to gain any insight into this?  Or is this type of information perhaps already available?