Shark, the Global Financial Crisis, and Correlation (in the wild)

I was reading the fantastic blog The Bernoulli Trial today, (the Stock Market Seismometer is very interesting.) and I stumbled onto one of his links which brought me to The Mr Science Show. All of the posts are very interesting, but one post seemed particularly relevant to this page.

One of the topics I have talked about in the past is correlations between two variables when the correlation is just a coincidence (like me being in grad school and the Red Sox winning the World Series). Here is a post on Mr. Science Show which relates the global financial crisis to the number of fatal shark attacks in the world. In fact, this correlation has won the prestigious Mr. Science Show Correlation of the Week. Congratulations.


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  1. Hmm… SO, we should be throwing people to the sharks to reverse our economic fortunes, ha ha?

  2. Hey – thanks for the plug!

    Funnily enough, I’ve been following your blog for a couple of weeks now, having also stumbled across you from The Bernoulli Trial. So it was a nice surprise to see your post.

    Hopefully we’ll come up with another Correlation of the Week soon – I love that stuff!


  3. Is this a new series, “Correlation of the Week”?

    • statsinthewild

      I can’t claim “Correlation of the Week” as mine. I got it from the Mr. Science Show blog.

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