Almost last NCAA picks (in the wild)

I only got one of the Final Four teams this year, but that team is UNC and they look like they have a good shot to win it. It’s never a total loss when your champion pick is still alive.

My bracket might stink, but my “bets” have been good. For the tournament I am 8-5 with a 19.82% return per bet. Here are 4 more.

MSU +160
Villanova +280

MSU +650 to win championship
Villavona +700 to win Championship

After the championship game, I finished 9-8 with a 9.05% return per bet. As pointed out in the comments this is a very small sample size. I agree. So I want to make it clear that I am not using this as evidence that I can “beat” the sports book. I am merely reporting my results.

I think I can beat the sports books, but I’d need to be profitable over several hundred bets to begin to approach significant evidence that I am winning consistantly.

Thanks for the comment.



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  1. Your sample size is very small

    • statsinthewild

      That’s true, it is a small sample size. But I am not making any claims as to the significance of the results, I am simply reporting my record for the tournament.


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