Cocaine’s a hell of a drug (in the wild)

Here is a nice little post about the price and purity of cocaine over time. The second graph released by the Washington Office on Latin America shows a huge decline in the price of cocaine in the eighties and a much more gradual decline in price from the early nineties through 2008.

They conclude: “In a report released this week, WOLA points out that there has been a general downward trend in cocaine prices in recent decades, despite the occasional spikes, indicating that crackdowns on cocaine trafficking are not working.

I’m not an economist, but couldn’t this also be a result of less demand for cocaine? If anyone actually knows what they are talking about, I would love to hear from you.

Also as a note, the SITW blog officially does not endorse the use of cocaine. As Kurt Cobain once said, “Drugs are bad for you, They will fuck you up.” And you better believe we’re not going to censor that like the local Aberdeen authorities. Not on SITW.


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  1. way to spell check!

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