Vaccines don’t cause Autism (in the wild) (or any where else)

I’ve been reading a lot about vaccines lately, and I just finished a book, “Look Me in the Eyes” (highly recommended) about Asperger’s syndrome so naturally I stumbled across this article: On Parenting: Genes—Not Vaccines—Linked to Autism from 2008.

In the last paragraph they say: “Earlier this week, researchers at the California Department of Public Health reported that the rates of autism in children born from 1989 through 2003 has risen, despite the fact that the preservative thimerosal, which contains toxic mercury, was largely phased out of vaccines during that time. It echoes studies in five other countries, including Canada in 2007, that failed to find a link between the use of vaccines or thimerosal and autism. Some parents and autism activists argue that vaccines, or the thimerosal in them, is responsible for autism..”

Who are these “parents and autism activists” and are they just making this stuff up? Are any scientists claiming there is a link between the vaccines and autism? Are these the same “parents” who claim that the H1N1 and HPV vaccine are unsafe?

That paragraph from the article finishes with a quote from Peter Hotez, president of the Sabin Vaccine Institute and father of a 15-year-old daughter with autism:
“Hotez says: ‘It doesn’t make sense that mercury would cause autism, because we know what mercury does cause”—horrible diseases like Minamata, in which children are born with deformed limbs. He’s optimistic that the momentum for focusing on how genes interact with environmental triggers will soon bear fruit.’

Moral: Vaccines do not cause Autism.


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