Slate and Statistics

Here are two interesting articles related to statistics that were featured on two Mondays ago:

The first article, by Kevin Gold, is called “The Leaky Nature of Online Privacy: Network analysis can uncover your personal details even if you choose to hide them.”  This led me to LaTanya Sweeney’s webpage (of k-anonymity fame), which I then spent quite a bit of time reading.  (I found the work on face de-identification to be very interesting.)

On that same day on Slate, everyone’s favorite former governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer (If you haven’t seen “Client 9” yet, stop what you are doing and watch it) had an article called “World Defeats U.S. in Four Sets: How the decline of American men’s tennis can explain global economics.”  In the article, Spitzer discusses the difference between correlation and causation as it relates to tennis and the economy.




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