I’d like to see density estimates added to the histograms, but this is interesting.

God plays dice

There are currently 174 books on my Amazon wishlist that I could order directly from Amazon. (My wishlist has a total of 195 books, but 21 are only available from other sellers.) Total price is approximately $3,549 (I rounded all prices to whole dollars), for a mean of approximately $20 per book.

But the median price of a book on my wishlist is (again to the nearest whole dollar) $16; the difference between the median and the mean is a hint that the distribution is skewed. And there are actually two peaks — one centered on $10 and one centered on $16-17. The distribution looks like this:

I’ve cut off the histogram at $100, which omits Mitchell’s Machine Learning at a list price of $168.16. Here’s a zoomed-in version omitting the 23 most expensive (all those over $30):

The two peaks are easy to explain: paperbacks and hardcovers, respectively. The…

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