Almost the best

Canada managed to win 18 total medals in the 2012 Olympics, while only tallying one gold medal.  Previously, I proposed the question, has anyone ever won more medals than this with fewer golds?  The answer, shockingly is yes.  In 1952, Germany managed to win 24 total medals and exactly ZERO golds (7 Silver and 17 Bronze).  Incredible.  Really nice work.

Other countries that have come close include the United Kingdom in 1960 (2G, 6S, 12B), Sweden in 1984 (2G, 11S, 6B), and Cuba in 2008 (2G, 11S, 12B).

Another fun fact: Only 5 times has a team won more than 50 total medals and won more bronze than silver and more silver than gold.  They are Sweden 1920 (19G, 20S, 24B), Soviet Union in 1964(30G, 31S, 35B), West Germany in 1984 (17G, 19S, 23B), Germany in 2000 (13G, 17S, 26B), and, most recently, Russia in 2012 (24G, 26S, 32B).

See you in Brazil in 2016!



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