The Passion of Nate Silver (Sort Of)

From Natalia Cecire’s blog:

Nate Silver’s models can tell us how likely it is that Obama will “win” (the game). They can’t, and absolutely do not aim to, explain, say, the role of race in the election. And they cannot give definitive predictions either, only probabilities: that’s the point. Statistics always pulls back from the claims it makes; if it did not do so, it would not be statistics. Statistics is an inherently puerile discipline, not because it is dominated by men but because its principles concord so strongly with the way we have constructed boyhood—an unrelenting commitment to the play of abstract forms above all else: above wishes, above belief, above ethics, its only ethics being a commitment to the rules of the game. It presumes being unable to really know “the answer,” except as defined and bounded by the game.



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