NFL playoff probability

Here are some NFL play-off probability plots from R that have been spruced up quite a bit thanks to a friend who dabbles in the visual arts.

Miami’s week 9 loss to the colts was very costly.  Of course the Dolphins didn’t help themselves very much with a week 10 loss to the Titans 37-3.  Their season basically went down the toilet in those two weeks.


No one has had a more up and down season than the Bengals.  They lost their first game, won three in a row, lost 4 in a row, and are currently in the midst of a 4 game winning streak.


The Texans’ playoff hopes have never really been in doubt thanks to their very fast start to the season.  The question here is can the Colts get in with the Texans.


In week 8 San Diego lost to Cleveland 7-6.  Not good.  Denver, on the other hand, has not stopped winning.

AFC-WestThe Eagles were 3-1.  Then they decided to stop winning.


It’s pretty clear unless something crazy happens that the NFC north is getting 2 play-off teams.  At one point during the season it seemed possible they might get three teams, but Minnesota has taken a nose dive.


Falcons have been in control from the first day of the season in this division.


Wondering what an 8 game losing streak would like like in one of these graphs?  Look no further than Arizona.
Everyone is talking about Luck and RGIII this year, but don’t sleep on Russell Wilson.  San Francisco’s dip in week 6 was a lost to the New York Giants, which moved San Francisco close to Seattle.  Then in week 7 San Francisco beat Seattle to create quite a bit of separation.




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