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In preparation for conference play in the 2012-13 college basketball season, here are my conference power rankings. The rankings below are derived from the average grade of the teams in the conference. This list looks at the strength of a conference from top to bottom.

The ACC has only one team in the top 15 (Duke) while the SEC has two (Florida/Kentucky), but there are eight SEC teams ranked below 100 versus only 2 for the ACC. This results in a higher conference ranking for the ACC.

Conference Power Rankings

1Big 1083.327
2Big East80.812
4Pac 1279.453
5Mountain West79.000
6Big 1278.373
7Atlantic 1077.376
9West Coast73.473
10Missouri Valley73.179
11Conference USA70.355
14Big West68.048
15Colonial Athletic67.853

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