Bruins v. Blackhawks, final notes


Random notes from the Bruins Blackhawks series, and some final numbers from the Bruins postseason run.

1- Chicago had more shots than the Bruins in 5 of 6 games, outshooting the Bruins by an average of 6 shots a game. That said, using the unofficial collection of NBC’s scoring chances (the NHL does not keep this official stat), the Bruins had more scoring chances in 4 of the 5 games (Game 2 was Chicago’s, Game 5 was roughly even, Game 1, 3-4, 6 were in Boston’s favor as far as scoring chances go).


2- Zdeno Chara was on the ice for 10 of Chicago’s final 12 goals.

2a- In his last three games, Chara finished with a +/- of -6. In his lengthy career, Chara has only played three consecutive games with that ranking or lower twice.


3- If you are like me, you felt like the hockey…

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