Conference Spam

I recently received the following email advertising the “outstanding event Obesity-2014”:

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.54.06 PM

It is quite an honor to be so “highly regarded in Medicine field” and be invited to such a conference.  However, there are several problems here.  For instance, I don’t work with obesity at all.  I have published a paper about nutrition as a second author providing statistical support.  That’s it.  So sadly, I suspect that I am not actually “highly regarded in Medicine field”, and I am just being spammed to try to get me to attend this conference.  So what I am wondering is, does this work?  Is there anyone out there who is going to be swayed by this grammatically weak spam invitation trying to stroke their ego?  The answer must be yes, or else they wouldn’t do it, right?

Well, I’m sorry yo the organizers, but I will not be attending Obesity-2014.  I’d ask them to  stop spamming me, but I get way too much joy out of these terrible form letters.  




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