Please don’t give RealMoneySports any of your money

I was just driving home from work, and I heard a guy named Adam Meyer on the radio (shame on you WEEI for letting this guy on the radio).  He was offering a discount deal on his picks for the NCAA tournament through his website  Guys like this are ALWAYS a scam.  If he really was that great at picking games, he sure as hell wouldn’t be telling you about them.  He’d be swimming in a pool filled with hundred dollar bills.  It is possible that he really is surrounded by Benjamins, but it’s not because he’s picking consistent winners.  It’s because vulnerable people fall for this too-good-to-be-true scam and fork over their hard earned cash.

Anyway, Mr. Meyer was on the radio touting his discount picks for the NCAA tournament.  So, how much does Mr . Meyer want for these 6 weeks of picks?  He claims that his top clients pay $250,000 per year.  (A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS!)  That’s a ton of money.  But since Adam is such a generous guy, he’s going to give you a sweet deal.  I like sweet deals, so I called the number and spoke with a guy named Ken, and he told me that for only 750 I could get three weeks of picks.  Which led to this conversation:

Me: “7 dollars and fifty cents.”

Ken: “No. Are you kidding?”

Me: “Are you kidding?

When I then asked why someone would do this and if he had any records of his picks he got angry and hung up.

So in conclusion: SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM

Please don’t give this guy any money.  Unless you hate money.



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