World Cup Data Viz Update

Some notes about the knockout stage:

  •  3 of the 4 quarterfinal matches featured goals in the first fifteen minutes of the game.
  • 20 of 28 penalty kick in the tie-breakers have been goals.
  • Belgium had 38 (!) shots agains the USA.  Tim Howard.
  • So far teams have averaged 0.96 goals per game in the knock-out stage.
  • 50% (6 of 12) of games in the knock-out stage were tied at the end of regulation.  3 of those games went to a shootout.



Some interesting notes:

  • Greece scored only 2 goals and still advanced out of the group stage.  They were also the only team to advance to the knock-out stage with a negative goal differential.
  • Switzerland allowed 6 goals and still made it out of the group stage.
  • Cameroon, Australia, and Honduras were the only teams that did not score a point.  Cameroon was -8 in goal differential, which was the worst in the group stages.
  • Croatia scored 6 goals and did not advance.
  • Italy, Ecuador, and Russia allowed only 3 goals in the group stage, but none of them managed to advance to the knock-out round.
  • Every team with a positive goal differential advanced to the knock-out stage.  Uruguay, Nigeria, and the USA advanced with goal differentials of 0.
  • Ecuador and Portugal both scored 4 points, but neither advanced.
  • The Netherlands scored 10 goals in the group stage.
  • Teams averaged 1.42 goals per game in the group stage.
  • Teams scored 0.8 goals less in regulation in the knock-out stages compared to the group stage.
  • Belgium was the only to team to win their group without scoring the most goals in their group.






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