Great Spam Comment

My newest favorite spam comment:

But this other man, Jesus Christ, brought forgiveness to
a lot of through God’s bountiful gift. ‘ Whirlpool:
Poseidon summons a whirlpool at his ground target location that cripples targets, preventing movement abilities, and pulls
targets toward the center dealing magical damage every.
The contestant must choose the word that matches the definition.



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  1. You say that. I believe youth has served as a penalty in my progression because you lack the world-weariness of the tools needed to stand on your own two feet. I know if I had to do it over I’d be a lot more aggressive at opportunity taking and accepting what comes before me.

    Now, yes, graduating at age 27 is different than say, early 30s. However, foresight is not a gift granted to the young but rather granted by the weathering of the failures of youth. Unless one has a sage advisor (as a generic, a sage PhD advisor would be phenomenal) over his shoulder one will not learn those lessons in youth.

    Don Rumsfeld has talked about unknown unknowns. Without advice you’re going to run into those things a lot and the unknown unknowns tend to carry the highest cost.

  2. Greg, check out your commenting system. It isn’t behaving.

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