NCAA Football Top 25 – November 30, 2014

My top 2 remain the same this week, but they’ve flipped spots.  I’ve got Oregon moving up to number 1 and Alabama dropping to 2.  Mississippi State and UCLA both fall out of my top 4 after losses to Ole Miss and Stanford, respectively.  TCU moves up to 3, mostly because of losses ahead of them, but also because of their win over Texas.  It will be interesting to see how the selection committee deals with a choice between Baylor and TCU if they both win their remaining games and end up at 11-1.  My fourth ranked team is going to upset a lot of people: Georgia.  They move up one spot even after their loss to Georgia Tech.  First off, it was a close loss (in overtime), and Georgia Tech is actually good.  So their penalty for losing to them in minimal.  (Also, I’m not the only one who has these results.  Sagarin has Georgia 6th.)  Rounding out my top 10 is Arizona, UCLA, Miss State, Florida State, Baylor, and Auburn.

Some questions:

  • If Arizona beats Oregon (again), they’d have to get in, right?
  • Is Florida State in no matter what at this point?  Or could Georgia Tech knock them out?
  • If FSU gets into the playoff, they are going to be at least 7 point underdogs to every team in the playoff, imho.
  • FSU is only a 3.5 point favorite over Georgia Tech.  Georgia Tech will be the best team that FSU has played all year.  (Remember when everyone thought it as Notre Dame.)
  • Is Alabama in no matter what?  I think the answer is yes.
  • If Baylor beats Kansas State, I think you have to take Baylor, right?
  • According to betting odds here are the favorites to win the College Football Playoff: Alabama, Oregon, TCU, Baylor, Florida State, Ohio State, Missouri, Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia Tech, Kansas State, and Mississippi.
 Rank Team Record Change
1 OREGON 11-1  +1
2 ALABAMA 11-1  -1
3 TCU 10-1  +3
4 GEORGIA 9-3  +1
5 ARIZONA 10-2  +3
6 UCLA 9-3  -2
7 MISS STATE 10-2  -4
8 FLORIDA STATE 12-0  +2
9 BAYLOR 10-1  0
10 AUBURN 8-4  -3
11 OLE MISS 9-3  0
12 GEORGIA TECH 10-2  +6
13 WISCONSIN 10-2  0
14 ARKANSAS 6-6  -2
15 MISSOURI 10-2  -1
16 OKLAHOMA 8-3  +1
17 KANSAS STATE 9-2  -2
18 STANFORD 7-5  +10
19 ARIZONA STATE 9-3  -3
20 USC 8-4  +4
21 OHIO STATE 11-1  -2
22 MICHIGAN STATE 10-2  -2
23 LOUISVILLE 9-3  -1
24 CLEMSON 9-3  +8
25 LSU 8-4  -2

Full Rankings


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