A false choice #allLivesMatter

This has nothing to do with statistics, but I’ve been reading so much about it lately I wanted to post something.

One thing that I have found odd in the Michael Brown/Eric Garner protests is that it seems many people seem to think that you’re either for the police or against them.  But it’s a choice that doesn’t need to be made.  I’d write more, but what I mean is said better in this article: The Importance of Treating NYPD Officers as Individuals.  And the quote below from that article sums up how I feel:

That intense anger over such videos coincides with persistent rarity of politically motivated attacks on cops underscores Radley Balko’s observation that “it’s possible to both be appalled by senseless executions of cops and angry at unjustified killings by cops.” Those positions are not in tension with one another. They are both consistent the with individualist premise that all lives are valuable, as well as the belief that both police and non-police should act lawfully and justly.




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