Cher and Trademarks: Part 2

Another post that has nothing to do with statistics.  (If you want to read about statistics though, maybe you’ll enjoy this piece that @statsbylopez and I wrote for Deadspin.)
Yesterday, I posted about my friend getting her picture she was trying to sell on Society6 pulled based on their concern over trademark issues with Cher.  Here is part 2:
Hi ***********,
We had about a foot and a half of snow fall since my last correspondence, and all of this precipitation has me thinking about intellectual property law. The company’s position, as I understand it, is that my use of the word “Belchertown” in the caption of a photograph that I took in that town is prohibited because contained in “Belchertown” is the word “Cher.” Cher, as we previously discussed, is an internationally popular recording artist who has presumably trademarked her name in the context of the goods and services she provides. (You might assume those goods and services consist primarily of auto-tuned dance hits, but I would urge you not to forget her theatrical work. The Witches of Eastwick was particularly memorable.)
While I admit that I am unable to conceive of precisely how my reference to Belchertown, Massachusetts infringes on Cher’s trademark, or how my photograph of Quabbin Reservoir, which, remarkably, has supplied the city of Boston with water for some 75 years, is in any way similar to Cher’s artistic works such that Cher might have a valid copyright infringement claim against either me or Society6(TM), I will happily take your word for it.
That said, I am curious as to whether you feel any of the following submissions present intellectual property concerns:
You have to admit, ******** — this one’s a doozy:
Please advise.

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