Best and Worst Week’s in NCAA basketball

Projected Tournament Seeds.  Who had the best week?

Best Week’s

Up two seeds

Purdue  – On a 4 game winning streak with a win @ Indiana in the last week

Iowa – On a  4 game win streak with a win over Illinois in the last week

LSU – On a 3 game win streak with a win over Ole Miss yesterday

Georgia – On a 3 game win streak with a win @ Ole Miss on Wednesday

Up one seed

Villanova – They haven’t lost since January 3rd.  In the past week they beat Providence by 28 and Xavier by 12, both of whom I have in the NCAA tournament.  All this equals a 1 seed in my mind.

Baylor – They’ve won 4 in a row and in the last week they won at Iowa State and over West Virginia.  Really nice back-to-back wins over tournament teams.

Oklahoma – They beat TCU, which wasn’t that impressive, but enough to bump them up to a low 3 seed.

Maryland – All they did this week was beat Wisconsin.  I’ve got them as a high 4 seed.

Wichita St – They beat Northern Iowa yesterday by 14, splitting the season series with Panthers and clinching the MVC regular season title.  Both of these teams are in unless something crazy happens.  I’ve got the Shockers up to a 5 seed, while Northern Iowa drops to a 6.

Butler – Beat Marquette and DePaul this week.  Not much, but I’ve got them moved up to the bottom 5 seed.

St. Johns – They beat Xavier on Monday, sweeping them on the season, and, more importantly, got a win over Georgetown yesterday.  Up to a 7 seed.

Stanford – Beat Oregon State by 27 points on Tuesday.  They’ve got a big game against Oregen today.

BYU – Biggest win of the week with a victory over Gonzaga AT Gonzaga.  I’ve got BYU as a 9 seed. They’d be higher but they have some not so great losses this year like a loss to San Diego and two losses to Pepperdine.

Dayton – Dayton went to VCU yesterday and won a close game by 4.  All the talk this year in the A10 has been about VCU, but right now there is a three way tie for first in the division and VCU is not one of those teams.

Davidson – They won at Rhode Island by one point on Wednesday putting themselves in a three way tie for first in the A10.  And they’ve won 7 in a row.  This A10 tournament is going to be awesome.  #parity

UCLA – It’s not really about what UCLA did (they beat Washington), but they benefit from losses by Rhode Island (to Davidson) and Illinois (to Iowa).  They play Washington State tonight.

Worst Week’s

Down three seeds

Texas – Texas ends it regular season schedule with 6 games against the top 6 teams in the Big 12.  (Oklahoma, Iowa State, West Virginia, Kansas, Baylor, Kansas State).  They’ve lost the first 4.  I have them in, but realistically they are probably out.  If they win both of their remaining game they will be 8-10 in conference.  Hard to imagine the committee letting in a team that is 19-12, 8-10 (IF they win out).

Down two seeds

Providence – Lost to Villanova twice in last 4 games including a 28 point loss on Tuesday.

Ole Miss -Lost two important games this week against Georgia on Wednesday and then to LSU yesterday.  Not a great as both of those losses should be fresh in the mind of the committee on selection Sunday.

Indiana – Lost to Northwestern yesterday.  Northwestern is now 5-11 in conference play and 14-15 overall.  #notGood (Northwester also beat Iowa 10 days ago.  Weird.)

Down one seed

Wisconsin – Lost to Maryland yesterday. I still have Wisconsin as a 2 seed.

Utah – Lost to Arizona yesterday. No shame in that.  I dropped them to the top 4 seed as they were passed by both Oklahoma and Baylor.

Iowa State – Lost two games this week to Baylor and Kansas State.  Right now I have them as the bottom 4 seed.  Tomorrow’s game against Oklahoma is very important.

West Virginia – Lost to Baylor yesterday, though they were without their leading scorer for the game.

,Northern Iowa – Lost to Wichita State.  Still a lock to make the tourney unless something crazy happens.  I’ve got them as a 6 seed.

Georgetown – Lost to St. John’s yesterday.

Oregon – Beat Utah and Cal this week  Not their fault they fell a seed.  They were passed by Stanford, LSU, and Iowa.

Xavier – Lost to St. John’s and Villanova.  I have them as a 10 seed now.

Texas AM – Lost to Arkansas this week.

NC State – A horrible loss to BC by 16 yesterday.  I have them in, but I wouldn’t be surprised in the committee felt differently than me.  These guys are the definition of a bubble team.


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