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Stats in the Wild

I went the the Cubs game today against the Dodgers.  I got to see Clayton Kershaw pitch (Awesome) and watch the Cubs get destroyed (Expected).  It was 14-3 going into the 9th inning and some people were joking that a touchdown would get the Cubs right back in the game.  (The Cubs “rallied” for two in the 9th to ultimately lose 14-5.)

But, this got me thinking.  14-3 does look like a football score, but 14-5 is clearly not.  On the train back to school, I came up with this question: If all you knew about a game was the score, which sport would you guess generated that score?

To answer this question, I scraped the scores of (almost) all of the baseball and hockey games from 2000-2014, and I found a table of all NFL scores all-time. (I haven’t exhaustively scraped every single NHL and MLB game ever because…

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