Data Fun with Improv and FitBit

So since January of this year I’ve been taking improv classes at Second City Training Center and last Thursday (May 12) I participated in my first “show”.  It’s called Jam Sandwich, which consists of faculty and students doing improvised scenes based on several monologues.  During the show I was wearing my FitBit and here is what my hear rate looked like during Jam Sandwich.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 2.16.03 PM

I think that huge spike around 10:40 is me after I went out for my first scene.  It looks like my hear rate returned to pretty much normal as the show went on, but I was pretty nervous at the beginning.  I think it’s also really interesting that my heart rate spiked again at the end of the show.  That’s not something I expected.



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