Optimizing Fanduel in R

Optimizing Fanduel in R

Troy Hernandez

I want to give a little background on my experience with fantasy football first.  If you’re just looking for the algorithm just skip down to the section titled The Algorithm.

Fantasy Football

I like Chicago Bears football.  Even during rough seasons like this one.  I don’t really care that much about other football teams.  So when my friends first invited me to play fantasy football back in 2006, I bought a $5 magazine with rankings of every player.  I didn’t do well that year.  So the next year I decided to create a drafting algorithm.  At the time I was just getting started in R, so I wrote it in Excel.  I won the championship that year.

I quit playing for a few years when grad school was intense and recently un-quit.  I rewrote the majority of the program in R last year and completed the transition this year.  I’ve won my division both years!  I’ve been tempted to make it into…

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