The Cleveland Indians’ playoff run just saved America from Donald Trump.

Back on September 15, I told you that I had a model that has accurately predicted 16 out of the last 17 presidential elections.  (That’s only 1 miss since 1948!!!! And 1948 was a long time ago!!!)  Anyway, as you know that model was based on three simple tests:

1.  The Phillies win less than 92.

2. The Indians win less than 97 games.

3.  The Red Sox win at least 75 games.

If all of these are true then the Republican wins.  Well, The Phillies ended with 71 wins, Cleveland ended with 94 wins, and the Red Sox ended with 93 wins.  Check. Check. And Check.  Good bye America.  Hello Donald Trump.

But wait!!!! The Indians have won an additional 9 games in the playoffs bringing their season win total to 106 wins!!!  Hillary is going to win.  America has been saved by the Cleveland Indians!!




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