Election Live Blog


9:34PM CST: We might not be able to call the winner of this election right now.  But we can say for sure that Nate Silver is the winner.

9:33PM CST:  I’m so scared right now I am physically shaking.

9PM CST: This is nauseating:

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 8.59.10 PM.png

8:58PM CST: They’ve flattened out a bit now.


8:44PM CST: Everyone is panicking!PredictItPresident_ElectionNight.png

8:15PM CST: Pay No Attention to Who’s “In the Lead,” According to TV News. It’s Meaningless.

8:15PM CST: The market’s are collapsing on Hillary.  Apparently people this all this early stuff coming in is meaningful.  PredictItPresident_ElectionNight.png

8:03PM CST: Trump is going to be “in the lead” for a while tonight.  It’s just the nature of how this works.  Basically nothing surprising has happened yet.

7:58PM CST: Oh boy.  It’s gonna be a crazy night…..PredictItPresident_ElectionNight.png

7:55PM CST: Just arrived at my “Election Night Headquarters”.  I’m here the rest of the night.

7:11PM CST: Ohio is getting interesting: Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 7.11.08 PM.png

7:08PM CST: Clinton now has MA, CT, DC, NJ, DE, MD, and VT good for 44 EV.  Trump has WV, KY, IN, OK good for 33 EV.

7:06PM CST:



6:38PM CST:  How important is Florida?  If Clinton loses Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, North Carolina, AND Pennsylvania, she still wins.  screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-6-38-11-pm

6:34PM CST: Even though nothing unexpected is happening here, it’s still terrifying to look at.  No matter how close Trump gets to winning tonight, it was too close.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 6.34.01 PM.png

6:30PM CST: Trump still way ahead in New Hampshire…….with 61 votes counted……….

6:30PM CST: I’ll be tracking the @predictit markets over the course of the evening.  PredictItPresident_ElectionNight.png

6:15PM CST: State by state probabilities from The UpShot that I will be using to rate forecasters: http://bit.ly/2fQYYrc

6:13PM CST: Clinton wins Vermont; Trump wins Indiana and Kentucky.  Nothing interesting has happened yet.


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