Triggered – a look at the LSU judge sentencing paper


One of the reasons I love the application of statistics to sports is the unique ways in which sports can help us better understand human behavior.

I was thus excited to read** a working paper out of LSU’s Ozkan Eren and Naci Mocan that looked at how the sentencing of Louisiana judges in juvenile court varied given the performance of the state’s favorite football team, the LSU Tigers. The paper can be read here – alternatively, check out SB Nation’s summary here.

Using regression-based approaches on court decisions between 1996 and 2012, the authors write:

We show that upset losses of the LSU football team increase disposition (sentence) length imposed by judges, and that this effect persists throughout the work week following a Saturday game. On the other hand, losses of games that were expected to be close contests ex-ante, as well as upset wins have no impact. We…

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