Quarterback playing time consistency by team

I heard some ridiculous stat in passing that the Cleveland Browns have started some huge number of quarterback in the last 10 years.  So what I wanted to do was check to see how often teams in the NFL are switching quarterbacks.  I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to scrape starting QB information off of pro football reference, until I remembered that some smart people had written an R package called nflscrapr (there is also nhlscrapr is hockey is what you are interested in).  Thanks to them, I was able to put together what I wanted in like 20 minutes.  (Well, almost what I wanted.  I ended up using the quarterback who had the most pass attempts in a given game rather than starting QB, but a vast majority of the time these are the same.)

So here is what I made:


Each row is a team with J colors, where J is the number of quarterbacks that have started for each team from 2009-2017.  The rows are sorted by the team with the largest maximum number of starts by a quarterback (Chargers and Phillip Rivers) down to…..the Browns.  The J colors per team are chosen using rainbow(J) so that the quarterback with the most starts for a team is reddish and the quarterbacks with the least starts are bluish.  Click on the image and zoom in and see if you can name all the quarterbacks by their initials.  As an added bonus, try to find the thing that looks like a mistake, but isn’t actually a mistake.

The code I used to make this is here.



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