JSM 2018 Data Art show


JSM Data Art show history

Chicago 2016 

In the summer of 2016, JSM was held in Chicago.  I live in Chicago had the idea to try to have a data art show somewhere in Chicago to coincide with JSM.  So I tweeted out the idea asking if anyone knew a venue that would be appropriate for hosting this.  Well, through the power of twitter, the good people at the ASA suggested I have the data art show at JSM.  So we sent out a call for art and ended up with a nice little data art show featuring Alisa Singer, Craig Miller, Elizabeth Pirraglia, Gregory J. Matthews, Marcus Volz , and Jillian Pelto.


Carbon Emissions in the Industrial Age
by Alisa Singer


Mountain Running Profiles
by Marcus Volz


Baltimore 2017

In 2017, we did the show again, this time in Baltimore featuring work by Lucy D’Agostino McGowan and Maëlle Salmon, Gregory J. Matthews, and Elizabeth Pirraglia.  It was a little bit smaller in terms of participation, but I blame myself mostly.  I had a baby at the end of 2016 so I spent a lot less time publicizing the 2017 show, and we had far fewer applicants.


R Cat Ladies by Lucy D’Agostino McGowan and Maëlle Salmon


Fischer’s Immortal Game by Gregory J. Matthews


Vancouver 2018

So for the 2018 show in Vancouver, I want to get the word out that there will be another show and to encourage all of you to apply.  (Yes you!)  If you want to apply, you have until May 15 to submit your work for consideration to art.show.jsm@gmail.com.  Full details of how and where to submit your work can be found here.  And if you don’t want to apply yourself, please send this to someone who you think might be interested in submitting work.

Also, a few more favors to ask of you

  1. I will be unable to attend JSM this year for the first time in TEN years because I am having baby number 2 in July.  So I’m looking for someone who will be attending the event who can act as a sort of coordinator for the event.  This is minimal effort and basically requires you to check that it gets set-up.  I’d also like you to take some pictures of the event and send them to me.
  2. Would anyone be willing to set my work up at JSM if I ship in to the convention center?  And then ship it back to me?  I will, of course, cover all the costs of shipping.
  3. If anyone reading this knows someone in Vancouver who is connected to the local art world there, I would appreciate them forwarding this to them.







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