NFL Playoff Predictions

Here are my picks for the NFL playoffs.  Also, Ravens-Chargers shouldn’t be a first round game.

Wildcard Round

Texans over Colts, 26-22

Chargers over Ravens, 22-21

Cowboys over Seahawks, 21-20

Bears over Eagles, 27-18

Divisional Round

Chiefs over Chargers, 28-25

Patriots over Texans, 24-21

Saints over Cowboys, 30-18

Rams over Bears, 29-22

Conference Championships

Chiefs over Patriots, 29-27

Saints Over Rams, 29-27

Super Bowl

Saints over Chiefs, 30-27





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  1. Stephen A Lauer

    3 teams will end up with 29 points and 3 teams end up with 22 points? Those are two very unlikely scores for them to come up that frequently in the course of a month.

    • Those are averages of the distribution of the scores. I suppose I could do a better job rounding the scores to land on more reasonable outcomes. But I don’t care that much……..

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