Undefeated NFL Matchups with large spreads

The 3-0 New England Patriots will play the 3-0 Buffalo Bills this week.  However, in spite of the fact that both teams are undefeated, the Patriots are favored by 7.5 points.  So this got me wondering: Has there ever been a biggest spread in a game that featured two undefeated teams?  So I went back and checked.  (Well, I went back through 2006 because that’s how far back I have spread data readily available….)

First of all, I’m not counting games in week 1 where all the teams are “undefeated”.  And I’m not counting matchups where both teams are 1-0.  Everything else counts.

So, for a 2-0 vs 2-0 I found a Steelers-49ers game from 2007-09-23 where Pittsburgh was favored by 10 points (Steelers won 37-16).  For 3-0 vs 3-0, I found a game from October 4, 2009 between the Saints and the Jets where the Saints were favored by 7.5.  On September 30, 2013 there was another 3-0 vs 3-0 game the a 7 point spread: The Saints (again) were favored by 7 over the Miami Dolphins.

Of note, on Sep 25, 2011 the 2-0 Patriots were favored by7 points over the 2-0 Buffalo Bills.  (The Bills went on to win 34-31).

Other 2-0 vs 2-0 match-ups with big spreads include:

Colts favored by 6.5 over the Texans on Sunday Sep 23, 2007

Colts favored by 6.5 over the Jaguars on Sunday Sep 24, 2006

Finally, I have to mention that on Sunday Nov 4, 2007, the 8-0 Patriots played the 7-0 Colts and the Patriots were favored by 5.5 points.






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