Chiropractic is still bullshit

Subluxation, as defined by chiropractors, is simply not a scientific concept.  And it even divides practitioners within the chiropractic community.  But look, it’s still taught in schools of chiropractic.  Like Palmer College of Chiropractic (named after the founder of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer).  Just look at the third trimester sample schedule:

Chiropractors can talk all they want about how they have made progress and what not, but they are still teaching this objectively unscientific concept in the top chiropractic schools.  It’s complete insanity.

Some of the other fun classes that are in their curriculum for whatever reason include embryology, toggle (whatever that is), obstetrics/pediatrics (please don’t take your kid to a chiropractor) and cervical technique.  Cervical technique!

If you are in pain and suffering, please go see an actual medical doctor who went to a real medical school.




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