NFL words

So I recently did a comedy set (because I’m a comedian and you can’t stop me) about words you could spell with the symbols of the chemical elements. It’s hilarious, because I’m hilarious, and you can see it here.

Unrelated to this, Jay Cuda is out there setting the bar extremely high for the absolute best Twitter account right now. And Tej Seth suggested that someone should be doing what Jay Cuda is doing for NFL and college football.

Now I can’t possibly hope to be as good as Jay Cuda, but I can contribute some meaningless nonsense to the world so here we go.

What are all the words that we can spell with NFL logos? I’m using these 9 logos with letters in them. This gives me a C, U (colts…sort of), SF, O (I need it), G, NY, KC, B, and T.

Using the code I wrote before and replacing the elements with available NFL logos, here is the complete list of scrabble words:

  • bo
  • bob
  • bog
  • bony
  • boo
  • boob
  • booboo
  • boot
  • bot
  • bott
  • boubou
  • bout
  • bub
  • bubo
  • bug
  • but
  • butt
  • buttony
  • butut
  • cob
  • cobb
  • coco
  • cog
  • cony
  • coo
  • coocoo
  • coot
  • cot
  • cottony
  • cub
  • cut
  • cutout
  • go
  • gob
  • gobo
  • gobony
  • gogo
  • goo
  • goony
  • got
  • gout
  • gut
  • oot
  • otto
  • out
  • outgo
  • to
  • tog
  • tony
  • too
  • toot
  • tot
  • tout
  • tub
  • tug
  • tut
  • tutu
  • ut

The longest word we can spell is COTTONY.

And, important to the immature among us, you can also spell BOOB and BUTT. BOOB can be spelled entirely with AFC North logos!

If I get some actual work done today, I’ll do the other sports.



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