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The Five Misconceptions About Teaching Math and Science

The Five Misconceptions About Teaching Math and Science



Stat Acumen: Erik Erhardt

When I did my Master’s degree at WPI, Erik was a second year student who went on to do a Ph.D. at, I believe, the University of New Mexico.  He helped me tremendously in my first year in graduate school and always seemed to have good advice (as well as “fake” good advice usually telling us to “always sum the residuals”).  I haven’t seen Erik in years, but I follow his blog.  His latest post links to his “Teaching Dossier“, which catalogs his teaching experience.  (Apparently he was awarded “2011-12 UNM Math & Stat Outstanding Undergraduate Instructor.” Congratulations!) While that probably isn’t of interest to most people, the first 17 pages or so is his “Reflective Statement on Teaching Philosophy, Practices, and Goals”, which I found to be very interesting.