Gambling on Sports in the Wild

Of course, we’re not gambling with American dollars. That would be illegal, so we use “standard betting units” here. (1 “standard betting unit” is approximately 1 American dollar. But it is definitely NOT an American dollar.)

From my previous post before the first round started. Winners are in bold, losers are in italics:

Good first round bets:
Washington -220
FSU -145
Utah -110
Illinois -200
Arizona St -200
Michigan +190 (This price is fantastic)
Texas A and M +115
Oklahoma St +115 (Seriously? They’re an underdog here?)
Ohio St -160

If you bet 100 “standard betting units” per game, you would have went 5-4 and be up 115.45 “standard betting units” at this point. That is a 12.8% return per bet. Not bad.



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