Chernoff faces (in the wild)

I took a multivariate class several years ago and towards the end of the semester the professor showed us Chernoff faces. I was thinking about them for some reason tonight, and so I figured I’d do a search for Chernoff faces on the internet. Here is an interesting application of Chernoff faces to MLB managers. This got me excited so I did a google search for “R faces” hoping to find an R package for Chernoff faces, however, this search yielded this web site. The headline on that web site says: “French rapper Monsieur R faces up to three years in prison and a 75,000-euro fine for referring to France as a ‘slut’ and a ‘bitch’ and saying ‘I piss on Napoleon and General de Gaulle’ on his latest album.” Not quite what I was looking for, but completely fantastic. God Bless the internet.

After another quick search, I downloaded this R Package. And now I’ve spent all night “Chern”-ing out Chernoff Faces.

Here is one for a few selected MLB hitters:
Chernoff Faces Hitters

Here is one for a few selected MLB pitchers:
Chernoff Faces Pitchers

And here is my favorite about the economy (Data is from here):
Chernoff Faces Economy

I especially like how the Chernoff faces get smaller and actually appear to get sadder as the economy worsens. I guess it’s so bad that even Chernoff’s faces are feeling the recession.



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