NCAA Basketball (in the wild)

It’s that magical time of year again. The three weeks the rest of the country and I care about college basketball. Check out the StatsInTheWild NCAA basketball top 25.

So here it is. The StatsInTheWild annual NCAA tournament preview.

Teams that should have gotten in but didn’t:
Seton hall – I realize it’s hard to take a team that went 9-9 in their conference, but it’s the big east. it really is that good.
Virginia Tech – They should have been in easy. Although 2 losses to lowly Miami, including once in the ACC tournament is really bad.
Mississippi State – A good regular season and a very good run in the SEC tournament. Should have been in.

Teams that should not have gotten in:
Minnesota – They lost to Michigan twice in February and they lost to Indiana who was 4-12 in the conference. And they were only 9-9 in the conference. The big 10 is the most over rated conference in football and basketball.
UNLV – Third in the Moutain West gets in but third in the ACC doesn’t? This was a bad at large bid.
Wake Forest – They finished 6th in the ACC at 9-7 in conference. How did Virgina Tech not get in again?
Georgia Tech – They finished 7th in the ACC at 7-9 in conference. How did Virgina Tech not get in again?

Best 16 seed: Lehigh
Best 15 seed: UC-Santa Barbara
Best 14 seed: Sam Houston State

Worst 1 seed: Duke
Worst 2 seed: Ohio State
Worst 3 seed: Pittsburgh
Worst 4 seed: Wisconsin

Most likely first round upsets:
(14) Sam Houston State over (3) Baylor
(12) New Mexico State over (5) Michigan State
(13) Wofford over (4) Wisconsin
(11 )Old Dominion over (6) Notre Dame

Most likely long shot upset:
(15) UC-Santa Barbara over (2) Ohio State

Lower seed lock:
(10)Missouri over (7) Clemson
(9) Northern Iowa over (8) UNLV

Sweet Sixteen:
All the one’s, two’s, and three’s along with (4) Maryland, (4) Butler, (5) Texas A and M, and (5) Temple.

Elite 8:
All the number one seeds and all of the number 2 seeds except Ohio State. Georgetown gets in.
So that’s (1) Kentucky, (1) Duke, (1) Syracuse, (1) Kansas, (2) Kansas St, (2) Villanova, (2) West Virginia, and (3) Georgetown.

Final 4:
(1) Kansas, (1) Kentucky, (1) Syracuse, (2) Villanova

(1) Kansas vs (1) Kentucky

(1) Kansas over (1) Kentucky 68-66

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