An interesting debate: Gelman vs Freakonomics

An interesting debate between Andrew Gelman (and Kaiser Fung) and the Freakonomics authors, Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt.
It also appears that a good way to get mentioned on the Freakonomics blog is to accuse them of plagiarism (a very serious accusation).  So I’m going to accuse them of plagiarism, but only for the blog hits it might generate…….and now I’m going to retract my accusation of plagiarism an issue an apology to Dubner and Levitt:  I’d like to apologize to Dubner and Levitt for accusing them of plagiarism.  Please accept my apology.
P.S. Just to be super clear about this: That was a joke.  I am not actually accusing anyone of plagiarism.
P.P.S.  It was a joke.

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