Golfing with Dad

For the last nine years I’ve gone on a golfing trip to Vermont with my dad.  After the first year we started a competition complete with plaque and names engraved for the champions.  Here are the rules.  We play 7 rounds over the course of 4 days and you take your lowest score on each hole from any of the rounds and fill out one score card.  Whoever has the lowest “master card” wins.  (Ties are broken by looking at who had the lower score on the highest handicapped hole, second highest handicapped hole, etc.)

Currently, the series is 5-2 in favor of the dad.  Here is a plot of what this competition looks like when I’m playing well.  I’m the orange line and my dad is the green line.  This is from 2013 when my father started off very, very slowly.  Through 3 rounds we were tied, and then I took and held the lead at the end of the 4th round and held the lead through the middle of the 6th round when my dad went bonkers and made a bunch of birdies and picked up pars on holes he hadn’t gotten yet.  So what does it look like when someone is getting crushed in this competition?


After two full rounds, my father is 10 full strokes ahead of me.  It’s an absolute blow out through 2 rounds.  That black dot is a birdie, which pops made on the 18th hole of the second round today.  An early dagger.  Though I have plenty of holes that are currently sitting at double bogey, so I should make up ground fairly quickly (hopefully, anyway).  I’ll update this tomorrow after we’ve completed our rounds.



Update: Through three rounds: I’m down 75-81.


Update 2: Through 4 rounds I’m down 75-78 (and I do not have the tie breaker).



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