Deploy your Shiny App on AWS with a Function

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Because Afrausreceived a good interest, last month I override free plan limits.

That got me move my Shiny App on an Amazon AWS instance.

Well, it was not so straight forward: even if there is plenty of tutorials around the web, every one seems to miss a part: upgrading R version, removing shiny-server examples… And even having all info it is still quite a long, error-prone process.

All this pain is removed by ramazon, an R package that I developed to take care of everything is needed to deploy a shiny app on an AWS instance. An early disclaimer for Windows users: only Apple OS X is supported at the moment.

How to use ramazon (2)

Using ramazon

As one would expect, using ramazon is a very pleasant experience, given that you just have to run a function, ramazon(), passing to it the EC2 instance public_DNS and…

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  1. This just saved me such a massive amount of time. Great tutorial on using Shiny with AWS.

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