Hate Crimes in the US

In a recent speech by cryogenically-frozen-fart come to life Donald Trump following the largest mass shooting in American history at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando he said: “I refuse to allow America to become a place where gay people, Christian people, and Jewish people, are the targets of persecution and intimidation by Radical Islamic preachers of hate and violence.”

No one in America should be the targets of persecution and intimidation by any group of people including, as Trump notes, gays, Christians, and Jews.  However, Donald Trump, an ambitious corn dog that escaped from the concession stand at a rural Alabama fairground, stole an unattended wig, hopped a freight train to Atlantic City and never looked back, seems to have no problem doing the persecution and intimidation when it comes to Mexicans and Muslims.  I’m sure that pointing out the massive, gaping hypocrisy of this particular Trump statement could not possibly convince this man who I’m sure has never once considered even the possibility that anything he has ever said has been factually incorrect, inconsistent, or hypocritical.  I want to live in a country where ALL Americans are free from being targeted from persecution and intimidation, not just groups that are politically convenient to protect.

This got me thinking about how much misguided persecution Muslims face in America, and I went looking for statistics on hate crimes in the U.S.  The data that I found comes from the FBI and is from 2014.  Below is a graphic that I made where the width of each box is the number of hate crime incidents and the height is the number of victims for a particular group.

By far the largest number of hate crimes fall into the category of being motivated by race.  There were 2,568 out of 5,462 total single-bias incidents and included 3,227 victims.    The largest share of these were crimes committed against blacks (1,621) followed by whites (593), Asian (140), and Native American (130).  Crimes based on religious bias and sexual orientation bias both had nearly the same number of incidents in 2014 at 1,017 and 1,014, respectively.  The largest share of hate crimes based on religion were against Jewish people (609) and Muslims (154).  This surprised me a little bit as my guess was that there would be more hate crimes in the U.S. against Muslims than any other religion as illogical reactions to events such as 9/11 and other terrorist acts perpetrated by jihadi extremists.  In terms of hate crimes committed with a bias toward sexual orientation almost 60% (599 out of 1,017) are committed against gay males.


Well, I think I’ve depressed you enough for now.



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