Outliers in the wild

Apparently 2009 me liked outliers.

Stats in the Wild

So, I was at Barnes and Noble today with a few hours to kill. I sat down and I started reading Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, Outliers: The Story of Success. The further I read, the more it became clear to me that he wasn’t really talking about outliers. Also, since I have my qualifying exam on January 19th, it can’t hurt to do a review on detecting outliers. (I started this post before my qualifier which has since come and gone. I passed by the way.) I go on to do a review of what outliers are and then conlcude by explaining how Gladwell’s book isn’t really about outliers. If the middle part bores you just skip to the conclusion. (Note: I love Gladwell’s work. I have read all of his book and all of his New Yorker articles.)

Let’s try to answer this question: What is an…

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