Let’s all agree to blame Florida

How close was Clinton to winning this election?  If 59,886 people in Florida switched from Trump to Clinton, Clinton would be president right now.  If that sounds like a lot of people, remember that over 9 million people in Florida voted for either Trump or Clinton.  And nationally 121,410,869 people voted for either Trump or Clinton.  So those 59,886 people in Florida represent 0.04932507% of the people who voted nationally.  Also, if 59,886 people sounds like a lot, also remember that Clinton got almost ONE MILLION more votes than Trump nationally.  The electoral college is stupid and it needs to be thrown out.  EVEN TRUMP THINKS THIS!!!



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  1. Trump and HRC were both terribly flawed candidates. I did not expect her to lose but her loss is exactly the wake up call the democratic party needed. Months before the election, it was on my mind, that it would not be a terribly bad thing if the democrats lost. Democrats are now in a better position for the really important 2020 elections. Going into that election they will not have to defend a record. What democrats really need is an inspirational leader with a message. In 1960, my brother and I, were in downtown Springfield where JFK had a rally. That’s the kind of candidate the democrats will need. Watching what the republicans did to the Clinton’s in the 90’s was just a warm up to what would have happened to HRC. Do not be overly discouraged. The republicans may control Washington but the infighting among themselves will constantly be the highlight of the evening news. Trump is the toxin not the cure. The national demonstrations you now see are the wake up call to get out and vote. Voting really does matter.

    • I was thinking this too. If Clinton had won, she would likely have been a one term president. For her to get re-elected would have been the fourth consecutive term of a Democrat, and that’s pretty hard to do even if you are popular. And she was not. 2020 is really an important year in that you have a ton of Republican Senators up for re-election (In 2018, it’s mostly the Dem’s who need to defend seats) and whoever controls Congress will get to do redistricting after the 2020 census. If the Democrat’s can’t beat whatever Republican runs in 2020 (though I think there is a good chance Trump, for whatever reason, doesn’t run in 2020), kiss any Democrat power goodbye for a generation.

      Out of curiosity, who is this?

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