NCAA Tournament – Some Thoughts

Well the brackets are out and I just finished filling my first one out.  Tomorrow and Tuesday I’ll work on my models for March Machine Learning Mania 2017.

Here are some of my initial thoughts:

  • I think the committee did a really good job picking 1 seeds this year.  I would have made Duke a 1 seed and Kansas a 2, but I’m fine either way.
  • I’m taking Oklahoma St over Michigan in the first round.  This is classic “not so great team goes on a great run and returns to reality in the NCAA tournament”.
  • My other first round upset picks are:
    • URI over Creighton
    • Seton Hall over Arkansas
    • Wake Forest or Kansas State over Cincinnati
    • Wichita State over Dayton (poor Dayton)
  • Speaking of Wichita State…….a 10 seed?  How in the what?  I have them as a 5 seed and Ken Pomeroy has them as a TWO! A 10 seed is an absolute joke.
  • Clemson got screwed.  But they won football so screw them.
  • Congrats to Northwestern for finally making it to the NCAA tournament.  They get to play FIFTEEN loss Vanderbilt, which they can very easily win.  Then they will get absolutely roasted by Gonzaga.
  • The four 9 seeds all make me want to throw up: Michigan State, Seton Hall, Virginia Tech, and Vanderbilt.  All of those teams belong in the NIT.
  • The East region is stacked.

More to come tomorrow.



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  1. Similar situations to Michigan’s (minus the plane crash) have gone .500 ATS last 12 years:

  2. I think Vandy has looked pretty good for the past few weeks, so Northwestern may find itself in a tough game. I also think Gonzaga is beatable, although my own model says it’s #1 overall, so I’m probably wrong about that 🙂

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