Sunday’s NCAA game predictions with probabilities #kaggle

In 82nd after 32 games.  In 101st after 40 games.  Not a great day for us.  Need something big tomorrow to get within striking distance.  I’m guessing we will finish in the top 50, but it looks like our lucky run of three top 4 finishes in a row is pretty much over.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.57.11 PM

Here are our predicted probabilities for Sunday’s games (with ridiculous precision):

  • Louisville over Michigan: 0.7051029
  • Kansas over Michigan St: 0.8346071
  • UCLA over CIncinnati: 0.6074323
  • Oregon over Rhode Island: 0.7488454
  • Duke over South Carolina: 0.7873011
  • Kentucky over Wichita State: 0.6272257
  • North Carolina over Arkansas: 0.8434368
  • Baylor over USC: 0.8055379



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