NFL Week 15 (in the wild)

14 week of the NFL Season are gone. 3 weeks remain.

There have been a few big changes in the projected playoff seeds. In the AFC, the Jets fall to a projected 6 seed and the Ravens take over the 5 seed. Also, Jacksonville and Kansas City change places with Jacksonville projected to be the three seed with Kansas City the 4 seed.
In the NFC, Green Bay is out and the Giants are in as the six seed.

Here are the updated SITW projected playoff seeds:
View the full rankings here.

Week 15 Playoff projections (through week 14):
Playoff Projections:
AFC Projected seeds (Expected Wins) [Probability they make playoffs]{Ranking}:
1. New England (13.6973)[1]{1}
2. Pittsburgh (12.5784) [.9999]{3}
3. Jacksonville (9.9711) [.8196]{13}
4. Kansas City (9.7525) [.6738]{16}
5. Baltimore (11.3688) [.9992]{4}
6. New York Jets (10.837) [.9088]{5}

NFC Projected seeds:
1. Atlanta (13.6973) [1]{2}
2. Philadelphia (11.2133) [.9151]{8}
3. Chicago (10.6212)[.9047]{10}
4. St. Louis (7.3868) [.5744]{22}
5. New Orleans (11.2239) [.9038]{6}
6. New York Giants (10.6128) [.6983]{12}



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