Watson (in the wild)

Watson, an IBM computer, recently competed on Jeopardy, demoralizing his opponents Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. (Jennings describes what it was like to lose the Watson here.) Really it was an uneven playing field from the start. For example, “Watson’s brain showcases several IBM technologies. The hardware is jammed into 10 refrigerator-sized racks filled with Power7 server blades. To be exact, there are 90 Power750 servers filled with four processors each — and each processor has 8 cores, for a total of 2,880 cores altogether.” (InformaWorld) That’s a lot of cores for our tiny human brains to compete against. Therefore, I am calling for an all computer Jeopardy tournament. Similar to the netflix prize, different organization could compete in a tournament pitting their algorithms against other organizations’ algorithms with the winner collecting a large cash prize and valuable free publicity and marketing. Just imagine IBM’s Watson competing against Google’s BrinPage and Microsoft’s Gates. That would be pretty intense.


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