NFL Rankings After Week 14

No changes at the top.

 Team Rank – After Week 14
Green Bay 1
New England 2
Pittsburgh 3
Baltimore 4
 Atlanta 5
 NY Jets 6
New Orleans 7
Chicago 8
NY Giants 9
Detroit 10
San Francisco  11
Philadelphia 12
TampaBay 13
Houston 14
San Diego 15
Oakland 16
Kansas City 17
Miami 18
Tennessee 19
Cincinnati 20
Seattle 21
Dallas 22
Denver 23
Buffalo 24
Cleveland 25
Jacksonville 26
Minnesota 27
Indianapolis 28
Arizona 29
Washington  30
St Louis  31
Carolina  32


Posted on December 16, 2011, in NFL, Sports. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Like the list, but I disagree with the Panthers being #32. I guess you hate the Panthers lol…

  2. I have no personal feeling about any of these teams. I’m using data from the 2010 and 2011 seasons with more weight placed on the 2011 data. So for instance, the Colts are 0-13 right now, but they have won 10 games in the last 2 years; Carolina, on the other hand, has only won 6 games in 2 years. And Carolina’s 4 wins this year have come against Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, and Washington who have a combined 12 wins between them. The Colts have to play all the division winners cause they won their division last year, and thus have a much harder schedule.

    Who do you think should be #32? I assume you think the Colts.

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