Republican Presidential Candidates and Google Auto-Complete – 12/29/2011

Auto-complete terms for republican candidates for 12/28/2011.  I searched for these after signing out of google and then I “disabled customizations based on search activity” so my search history would not interfere with the auto-completes.

Here is a plot based on the google auto-complete search data.

And here is the complete data for Romney, Perry, Cain, Paul and Gingrich.

“Mitt Romney” “Rick Perry” “Herman Cain” “Ron Paul” “Newt Gingrich”
wiki gay wiki 2012 scandal
bio drunk 999 wiki affair
 net worth wiki pokemon polls bio
 political views new hampshire sexual harassment on gay marriage gay marriage
 for president issues quotes quotes issues
economic plan  debate  net worth  issues  wives 
 racist bad lip reading  abortion  abortion  polls website 
evolution hunting lodge  scandal  news  website 
 abortion speech  Libya  ron paul  quotes 
 taxes video  smoking ad  debate  books 

Bachmann, Santorum, and Hunstman.

“Michele Bachmann” “Rick Santorum”  “John Huntsman” 
 quotes gay  daughters 
 hot wiki  net worth 
 newsweek scandal  sr 
 corndog for president  jr 
 bio quotes  political views 
 jimmy fallon fetus  issues 
 husband on the issues  chinese 
 crazy biography  twitter 
 hpv evolution  abortion 
twitter twitter  polls 


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  1. I love google results. Ben Smith at Politico noted that when you google “Mitt Romney Sex Scandal” the first result is about Herman Cain’s sex scandals. That’s pretty good deflection.

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